James MaskalykJames Maskalyk

Humanitarian, Physician and Author of Six Months in Sudan

Emergency room physician James Maskalyk's desire to heal led him to Sudan, Africa, in 2007, where he stayed for six months as Médecins Sans Frontières' (Doctors Without Borders/MSF) newest medical doctor in the field.

Maskalyk will speak in Kelowna on Mar. 27 about his experience as a young doctor serving in the war-torn town of Abyei in Sudan. 

The talk -- based on his book Six Months in Sudan -- is part of UBC's Distinguished Speaker Series.

Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Kelowna Community Theatre -- 1375 Water St.

About James Maskalyk

Equipped with his experience as an emergency physician in a downtown hospital and his desire to understand the hardest parts of the world, in Sudan Maskalyk's days were spent treating malnourished children, fending off a measles epidemic, and staying out of the soldiers' way. Worn raw in the struggle to meet overwhelming needs with inadequate resources, he returned home six months later more affected by the experience, the people, and the place, than he had anticipated.

Six Months in Sudan is Maskalyk's story about his experiences in Sudan. Starting out as a blog, this stream of consciousness evolved into a heart-wrenching book that has been critically acclaimed by audiences around the world.

Maskalyk currently practices emergency medicine at St. Michael's Hospital in downtown Toronto. He is an assistant professor at the University of Toronto, and divides his academic time teaching, being an editor at the open access medical journal Open Medicine, and advocating for global health issues at the University. Currently, Maskalyk is working with Ethiopian partners at Addis Ababa University to develop a program that will train the country's first emergency physicians.

His work has led him to several countries throughout Asia, South America, and Africa. Maskalyk has worked with MSF twice, first as a journalist writing a blog about neglected diseases, and most recently as a physician in Sudan.

The Distinguished Speaker Series is presented by the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences.

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