Greg Wells

Greg Wells

uperbodies: Living a World-Class Life

Scientist and extreme human physiologist Greg Wells discusses the strategies elite performers use to lead a world-class life.

Drawing on his experiences at the Olympic Games and from his own adventures cycling 8,000 kms across Africa, running marathons 600 km North of the Arctic circle, and recovering from a broken neck and neurosurgery, Wells highlights the best-practices that everyone can use to achieve their dreams.

Specific topics include:

  • building passion through goals,
  • entering "The Zone" and the "Discomfort Zone,"
  • performance under pressure,
  • and world-class mind body health.

Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Rotary Centre for the Arts -- 421 Cawston Ave., Kelowna

About Greg Wells

Greg Wells is a scientist specializing in extreme human physiology. He's the face millions tuned in to during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics with his CTV coverage of the Gemini Award nominated Superbodies segments, where he delved into the workings of the human mind and body in extreme situations. His work is focused on elite athletes who are trying to achieve international medal performances, and on children with chronic diseases.

Although these seem completely different -- the physiology or the inner workings of the human body -- are the same in both situations and the learning from one condition can be applied to benefit people from all walks of life. Wells brings this knowledge and experience to audiences to help improve personal performance and health in challenging situations in the workplace and in everyday life.

Read more about superbodies and Dr. Wells' research

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