John Acorn John Acorn -- Nov. 27, 2007
Dinos and Binos: Are Bird-watchers Really Dinosaur Watchers?
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Paul Kennedy Paul Kennedy -- Oct 15, 2007
The Need for Ideas
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Moura Quayle Moura Quayle -- Oct. 1, 2007
The B.C. Campus of Learning: An Agenda for Transformation
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Gwynne Dyer Gwynne Dyer -- Sept. 12, 2007
After Iraq
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Stephen Toope Stephen Toope -- Apr. 4, 2007
Stephen Toope In Conversation
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David Schindler David Schindler -- Mar. 22, 2007
Western Canada’s Freshwater Supply in the 21st Century
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Phil Currie Phil Currie -- Feb. 13, 2007
Hunting Behaviour in Predatory Dinosaurs
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